Thursday, September 30, 2010


There are many kinds of emergencies... natural disasters, terrorist attacks, sickness, job loss & financial distress, etc.  This is HIGH quality, delicious food that has a shelf life of 25 years! Do you have health and life insurance?
This is your food insurance!!

And THIS is an awesome deal!  Check it out below:

This offer only comes around once a year.  It is a great way to jump start your food storage. With 84 cans of delicious food you cannot go wrong! I am offering 10% off of this for just today (Thurs. 9/30) & tomorrow (Fri. 10/1 until 3 pm). That makes the total average cost per #10 can only $8.56!  With a single can of Freeze Dried Raspberries costing $27.99 (and this package includes two of those!), this turns out to be a steal! *Only the macaroni and wheat #10 cans cost less than $8.56.  Everything else costs more.* And don’t forget it has FREE Shipping!!! Now that is a great deal. I'm convincing myself while I'm typing it!  Where am I going to put all this stuff?  :)  On my new HARVEST #10 Rack!  Whew!

Click the link below to get all the information. Pass it on to all your friends and family!

Can't afford the whole thing?  Go in with a neighbor or three and split the cost!

Call us today or tomorrow to order for your additional 10% off.  **The deal is good until 10/10, so you can still order after tomorrow, but it will just be the sale price, not the additional 10% off.**

Thanks!!  Julie and Susan

Julie Sivley 
Director, Shelf Reliance

Susan Seamons
Shelf Reliance Consultant

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