Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Years Resolution idea!!

Need one more New Year's Resolution?  Of course!!!
Let increasing your food storage be it!  Shelf Reliance is here to help!!!
What is Shelf Reliance?
Shelf Reliance is your premier source for emergency preparedness supplies and informational tools. Featuring freeze dried foods, food rotation systems (food storage shelves), and our revolutionary calculators for food storage and emergency kits, Shelf Reliance offers the tools you'll need to create a comprehensive, customized emergency preparedness plan.
Food Storage Rotation
Food storage management has never been easier thanks to Shelf Reliance Food Rotation Systems.™ Available in four heights, three widths, and two depths, our food storage shelves were designed to easily store and rotate a large amount of cans. Every system features patented front-loading technology and fits easily into most storage spaces.
THRIVE Food Storage
THRIVE is a revolutionary food storage product that was developed for incorporation into everyday menu planning. We've included nutrition facts and easy-to-make recipes with every can. Other products may be stored and forgotten, but THRIVE Foods are a healthy, cost-effective option you'll love to use!
***Build up your food storage as slowly or as quickly as you want using THRIVE™ Q.
Simply set up a custom plan and monthly budget and start stocking up!***
Emergency Kits & Supplies
Disaster can strike at any time, and one can never be too prepared. Shelf Reliance is proud to offer a variety of emergency items that will help you prepare for whatever the future may hold. From inexpensive supplies to top-of-the-line 72-hour kits, our products are an essential part of any emergency preparedness plan.
Preparedness Tools
In addition to our wide variety of products, Shelf Reliance offers many helpful tools to help you build a comprehensive emergency preparedness plan. These tools include our revolutionary calculators for emergency kits and food storage, a recipe database, a blog, and a library that's rich with information. We hope you'll find these resources useful as you prepare your family for whatever comes next.
Making  New Year's Resolutions?  Why not resolve to build up your food storage NOW and be prepared for any of life's emergencies that can happen?  Feel the peace of knowing your family is taken care of and protected for years to come!!  With each box that arrives at my doorstep, my food storage burden is made lighter! I love it!!

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