Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thank goodness for food storage!

We are on day 4 of a 2" thick sheet of ice and below 0 temps (with windchill) around here!  I haven't left the house since Monday.  However- there are still 8 of us that need to eat... and we've still been eating well!  I've ran out of eggs, butter, and we are close to being out of milk.  BUT-- never fear!  Shelf Reliance is here!  I've used my powdered eggs and butter and no one has noticed the difference!!!  Made the BEST peanut butter whole wheat cookies the other night! YUM!  (I even added oats and chocolate chips for some more flavor and texture!)  It's wonderful to still be able to THRIVE while we're stuck inside!  6 months ago we wouldn't have been able to do this!  SOOOOO glad I've been getting my food storage going!  Makes me VERY happy!  :)

Call me to get started on your food storage needs!  214-783-0306

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